The Best Places to Work in Australia

11/15/22   |  
In a workplace setting, a team raise their hands in celebration their jobs at Keypath.

The WRK+ 2022 Best Places to Work list is out, and 成人影音Education has been named in the top 10.聽

So, how did we make the list? What are the policies and practices at 成人影音that help set us apart? And what do our employees (our Keypathers) love about working for Keypath?

Why did 成人影音Education place in the top 10?

Our goal at 成人影音Education is to provide high-quality educational experiences.聽

We do this by designing and developing online courses and degrees for our higher education partners, who are leading universities around the globe. In the Asia-Pacific region, we have more than 350聽 employees who work with our 11 APAC university partners. Our employees choose us because we offer flexible working arrangements and other benefits.

We are proud to have reached the top 10 in the WRK+ 2022 Best Places to Work list in the Over 100 Employees category.

鈥淭his is our second year in a row being named a Best Place to Work. This year鈥檚 award is extra special, as it is a testament to the culture we鈥檝e created in a completely virtual environment,鈥 says Ryan O鈥橦are, CEO of 成人影音Education Asia-Pacific.

鈥淲e鈥檝e moved to a distributed workforce and an employee-choice working model. This allows employees to choose if they鈥檇 like to work remotely, hybrid, or in-office to allow for flexibility and work-life balance. We continue to invest in our company culture to ensure it is inclusive, engaging, and supportive for everyone.鈥

Here are some reasons why 成人影音Education made the list.

We love EQ and IQ

For employees to engage with our business, organizational transparency is vital. Our leaders achieve this with a variety of regular meetings and reviews, events to celebrate achievements, one-on-one CEO meetings, and a range of accessible communication channels.

Employees build connections between their day-to-day responsibilities and the business outcomes through these meetings and connections. Their roles are clearly defined, and a performance review process allows for accountability. Our employees report that it鈥檚 great to work for Keypath.

Managers are encouraged to be open with their team members and invite feedback where appropriate. Departmental heads and the CEO are also accessible and welcome direct communication from employees. Our policy of open communication leads to increased productivity and job satisfaction.

Our annual awards night also gives us the opportunity to acknowledge and reward staff excellence. Once a month, we hold Celebration Huddles, where the entire organization gathers to acknowledge outstanding team members and celebrate success.

Supported to be your best

We encourage all our employees to seek out opportunities for professional development and further learning.

We conduct annual performance reviews for all individuals where we discuss their jobs, their contribution to 成人影音Education, and their ongoing development. We want to identify how we can align the needs and goals of the business with the employees鈥 aspirations. We also identify where employees need further support.

At 成人影音Education, promoting from within is important. Internal promotions boost morale and employee performance. Our business is growing, and it鈥檚 important for us to upskill current employees to help the business thrive as it grows. We need to prepare all employees for 成人影音Education鈥檚 exciting future. Current and future leaders benefit from tailored professional development programs, and our future leaders are given a clear pathway.


Be you and belong聽

It鈥檚 important that everyone who works for 成人影音feels a sense of belonging, so we train our managers to support the mental health of employees. It鈥檚 an area of focus for the entire organization. We offer paid mental health days and a yearly subscription to Headspace with 1000+ hours of content designed to help Keypathers de-stress, sleep better, move and eat mindfully, improve focus, and more.

We are also focused on聽diversity and inclusion. Our employees represent many cultures and live in a range of countries, so diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) play a role in the organization. We support DEI activities, training, and initiatives. We want our employees to feel a sense of camaraderie and belonging, wherever they are.

鈥淲e are so proud that our people have, for the second year in a row, voted 成人影音Education as one of Australia's Best Places to Work,鈥 says Kat Cliff. Kat is the executive director of Human Resources at 成人影音Education Asia-Pacific.聽

鈥淓very day Keypathers are working with purpose and transforming students鈥 lives through education. At 成人影音Education, we are people-first, purpose-driven, and have an amazing culture.鈥

What makes 成人影音Education a great place to work

We understand what the best companies to work for offer their employees. They offer flexibility around hours and location, they give employees a sense of work-life balance and they offer a place where everyone in the organization can thrive. And we strive to offer that at 成人影音Education.

Whenever we are looking for individuals to fill 成人影音Education jobs, we aim to attract people who are looking to use their knowledge and skills to better themselves and others. Such individuals want jobs that have a purpose with employers that have global reach, and they find it with 成人影音jobs.

We are always striving to improve

成人影音Education is growing fast, and as an organization with expanding global reach and new employees joining us all the time, we鈥檙e conscious that our growth comes with challenges.聽

Growth isn鈥檛 always seamless, but we welcome honest, constructive feedback from our past and current employees who can show us how we can improve. Growth means change, and change isn鈥檛 always easy, but our inclusion in the WKR+ list tells us we are on the right track.


What are the best places to work?

Australian-based WRK+ is an international workplace research and consulting company, and every year it publishes the WRK+ Best Places to Work list. The list is compiled from a study of almost 60,000 Australian-based employees from 127 companies around the globe.

Conducted between September 2021 and June 2022, the Best Places to Work list is divided into two categories 鈥 those organizations with fewer than 100 employees and those with more than 100 employees.

Thanks to our supportive culture and committed leadership team, this year 成人影音Education was named in the top 10 of the Best Places to Work in Australia with More Than 100 Employees.

WRK+ CEO Zrinka Lovrencic says only those businesses that put people first make the list. She listed 鈥榩eople practices鈥 such as emphasizing diversity, inclusion, and responding to mental health as being standout policies of those organizations on the list.

Employees in these businesses feel engaged with their work and connected to their teams. They are motivated by inspired leadership and feel they are being listened to. Only those organizations that have high employee retention rates, employee engagement, and productivity make it on the WRX+鈥檚 annual list.

When compiling the list, WKR+ looks at two factors 鈥 employee engagement and organizational culture.

How an organization engages with its people

Taken from a survey of employees, considerations such as the employees鈥 relationship with work, the work environment, and other team members are considered. The survey also asks questions about how empowered employees feel and how they are encouraged by leaders.

The organizational culture

This component measures an organization鈥檚 policies and practices. WKR+ seeks to understand how organizations encourage diversity, manage talent, and reward excellence. Organizations are asked about their communication styles, how they support employee well-being and how they attract and retain staff.

By placing in the top 10, 成人影音Education joins an impressive list of companies known for being great places to work. Other notable companies include Hipages, recognized for creating a 鈥榟ome away from home鈥 environment for its employees. Kapitol Group ranks highly for encouraging team bonding and open communication. Jetts Australia is also known for this attribute, as well as having a fun culture and employee rewards. All of these companies fall within the More Than 100 Employees category.

Work at Keypath

Our presence in the WRK+ 2022 Best Places to Work is an acknowledgment of how far we鈥檝e come at Keypath, but as we grow, we have even further to go. And we鈥檙e looking for new Keypathers every day to help shape the organization. If you鈥檇 like to know more about 成人影音jobs, head over to our careers page.